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Workshop on “Urban Remote Sensing – Challenges & Solutions”

5th Joint Workshop on “Urban Remote Sensing – Challenges & Solutions”

Date: September 24-26, 2018 in Bochum, Germany

Department of Geography Ruhr-University of Bochum 

This Urban Remote Sensing workshop is being organized jointly by four special interest groups:

  1. Urban Remote Sensing
  2. 3D Remote Sensing
  3. Developing Countries
  4. Radar Remote Sensing

Program details are available here: http://urs.earsel.org/workshop/2018-urs-ws/programme/

Important Dates:

important dates for remote sensing workshop

Call for Papers:

Participants interested in presenting their recent work, either through an oral or a poster presentation, must submit an abstract. The abstract should be written in English and the authors should choose at least one topic from the list of topics the symposium is addressing. The submission should be made through the Conference Tool, completing the submission form that requires the text of the abstract in plain text, as well as in an editable file format. A template for the abstract will be made available soon.

Following the deadline for abstract submission, the abstracts will go through a standard peer review process to evaluate their relevance and scientific merit, for inclusion in the Symposium program. The result of the peer review process could request modification of the abstract by the author(s) and/or suggestion for changing the presentation type from oral to a poster, or vice versa, prior to the final decision for acceptance.

Authors will be notified by May 31, 2018, on the final result of the peer review process and accepted submissions may submit a full manuscript by July 15, 2018. The publication that will host the full papers, as well as guidelines on the format of the full papers, will be announced shortly. (Source: http://urs.earsel.org/workshop/2018-urs-ws/call-for-papers/ )


– Change detection techniques for urban areas

– Multitemporal analysis of urban areas

– Feature extraction strategies

– Extraction of urban areas

– Extraction of Buildings

– Mapping of road networks

– Urban heat island studies

– Data fusion for urban applications

– Modelling of urban growth

– Analysis of geohazards in urban areas

– urban environmental modelling

– Remote sensing and urban health

– Remote sensing and urban social science

– Urban simulation based on remote sensing

– Cultural heritage application with remote sensing

– Status of land surfaces in developing countries

– Object extraction from InSAR data

– DEM/DSM generation of urban areas and accuracy assessment techniques

– Surface motion estimation from SAR

– Analysis of urban spectral signatures

– Multisensor data fusion

– Pattern recognition

– High-resolution airborne and satellite radar data

– Applications of urban remote sensing to security and emergency

– Urban and peri-urban ecological process modeling

– 3D spatial databases

– Generation of 3D-city models

– Interferometric and radargrammetric Synthetic Aperture Radar with focus on complex (urban) morphology

Registration and Fee Details:

For registration and fee details, please visit: http://urs.earsel.org/workshop/2018-urs-ws/registration/


Reference: Most of the details have been copy pasted from main website. Please visit website for updates.

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