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MS Remote Sensing & GIS in Thailand

When we think about GIS and RS related higher education in Thailand, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) comes at top choice. However, the choices of GIS & RS related degrees are limited there. In this post, I shall discuss two universities that offer GIS education/research opportunities and scholarships as well. If you know about more Thai universities that could be a valuable addition to this list, please tell us in a comment.

Before moving to the main part, let’s briefly look at “Why Thailand”?

Thailand is a rapidly developing economy, and it has a strong emphasis on education quality. The factors like Quality education, the culture of diplomatic mastery, exceptional hospitality, and friendliness of Thai people attract international students to Thailand.

Coming to the main part, let’s discuss GIS & RS educational opportunities in detail.

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is the first institution on our list. It has a long history of disseminating education in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Science technologies. The Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems (RS&GIS) program was started in 1990. Since then, Master and Doctoral degrees in Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) are being offered under this program.

Degree Title: MS Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (RS-GIS)

Program Details:

Duration: 2 Years

Department: School of Engineering and Technology -> School of Engineering and Technology

Main Website for information: http://www.rsgis.ait.ac.th/main/

Location: Khlong Nung, Thailand.

Admission Information: http://www.rsgis.ait.ac.th/main/admission/how-to-apply/

Curriculum details: http://www.rsgis.ait.ac.th/main/admission/all-courses-offers/

Scholarships at AIT: AIT offers numerous scholarships and fellowships to talented students including its most popular ‘His Majesty the King’s Scholarships and Her Majesty the Queen’s Scholarships’.

Several dedicated scholarships are also offered to prospective students in GIS and RS discipline. The Japanese Government Scholarships is one of such special grant available for research in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (RS-GIS).

Additional Information: The school also offers the Ph.D. degree in GIS and Remote Sensing. For more information, please visit the website.

In addition, two special degree programs are as under:

The Five-Year Unified International Bachelor-Master Degree Program

Professional Master Degree Program Geoinformatics for Planning and Management (PM-GeoPM)

Naresuan University

Naresuan University is another comprehensive university in Thailand that offers degrees in GIS and RS.

Degree Title: Master of Science Program in Geographic Information Science

Program Details:

Duration: 2 Years

Department: Faculty of Agriculture Natural Resources and Environment

Location: Phitsanulok Province, Thailand.

Admission Information: http://old.nu.ac.th/en/admiss-graduate1.php

Curriculum details: The pdf file containing curriculum details are available. For details of other programs: http://old.nu.ac.th/en/admiss-graduate1.php

Available Scholarships: The details of fellowships and scholarships are announced here: http://old.nu.ac.th/en/d1_scholarship.php

Additional Information: Please visit the thai version of the website for more updated information.


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