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Free Remote Sensing Courses by BRS Labs

Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs is specialized in delivering Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing education. They have developed a range of fully online courses to benefit the Geospatial community.

Talking more specifically, who can take the courses?

The official website says, “You can benefit from our courses if you are a Remote Sensing Specialist, GIS Specialist, Geologist, Mineralogist, Petrologist, Geographer, Surveyor, Urban Designer, Agriculturalist, Exploration Specialist, Mapping Specialist, Soil Specialist, Environmentalist, Computer Engineer, Irrigation Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Geomatics Engineers, Roads Engineer or some others.” (Source: https://www.remote-sensing-portal.com/ )

Free Training Courses + Certificates:

There are total 16 courses ranging from basic to advanced level. Among these 16 courses, BRS-Labs is offering three online training courses FREE of cost for which one can also get certificates of accomplishment.

These three courses are numbered 1, 2 and 5 in their course list and their names are as under.

  1. Space Science and Satellites Overview for General Managers & Supervisors
  2. Remote Sensing Fundamentals
  3. Satellite Images Visual Interpretation

The brief details of these courses is given below.

1. Space Science and Satellites Overview for General Managers & Supervisors

This short course contains 4 lectures and aims to introduce space science and satellites for those who will supervise, manage, or achieve by themselves any practical work or projects based on satellite images, remote sensing, or geographic information systems. The course explains a group of overview topics in a gradual sequence that matches the lifetime of a satellite from its start to its end. To read complete description and topics included, please visit course page: https://remote-sensing-portal.com/courses/space-science-and-satellites/


2. Remote Sensing Fundamentals

This 6 lectures course would provide a foundational understanding of the practical remote sensing processes studied in all further courses. It focuses on understanding satellite images and presenting an introduction to remote sensing science fundamentals. It includes an explanation of many important topics, such as usages and applications of satellite images, types of resolutions, understanding differences between various types of satellite images, electromagnetic spectrum, waves, frequencies, data types produced from satellite images, deciding which type of satellite images is most suitable for your project, how to buy a satellite image. To read complete description and topics included, please visit course page: https://remote-sensing-portal.com/courses/remote-sensing-fundamentals/


3. Satellite Images Visual Interpretation

This course has total 8 lectures and designed to teach the basics of remote sensing analysis. More specifically, one can learn how to recognize the contents of satellite images by performing visual interpretation and analysis of various civilian features and contents exist in these images. The interpretation elements which will be learned and applied are [shape, size, shadow, color, tone, texture, pattern, height and depth, site, situation, and association]. To read complete description and topics included, please visit course page: https://remote-sensing-portal.com/courses/visual-interpretation/

How to enroll?

You may enroll in the course of your choice through this link: https://www.remote-sensing-portal.com/account/registerfreecourse/

Additional 50% Discount on all other courses:

If you invite two of your friends and they enroll, you will take the second course for FREE (from the 3 mentioned courses). In addition, 50% discount for any number of courses from our course list which includes 16 short courses.

Finally, some more useful links are as under:

Faccebook page of BRS-Labs: https://www.facebook.com/BRSLabs/

LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/brilliantremotesensinglabs.


Hi, I am a professional Geoinformatics Engineer who has passion for knowing more and more about Geospatial technologies. My particular areas of interest are Spatial Databases, Remote Sensing, and Geospatial Analytics. In addition, I am a strong proponent of free and open-source GIS, Volunteer Geographic Information (VGI), and open geo-data such as OSM.

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  1. I am the Founder of the Remote Sensing Portal. I would like to express my deepest appreciation and thanks to “Just Spatial” team, and specially to Muhammad Kamran for their support to the Geospatial community, and for publishing our Free courses offer in their Blog. We hope to benefit the Geospatial community worldwide.

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