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2019 International Training Course in Remote Sensing

Advanced International Training course in Land Remote Sensing is being offered by Dragon program in collaboration with Chongqing University, P.R. China and the University of Twente, Netherlands.

2019 Advanced International Training Course in Land Remote Sensing

The duration of course is 1 week: 18-23 September 2019.

Teaching experts from China, Greece, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, UK and France are invited to deliver the advanced theoratical and practical knowledge of Land Remote Sensing. The details are available here.

Venue: Chongqing University, P.R. China.

The main objectives of this “Dragon Plan” advanced training course on land remote sensing are as follows:

  • Introduce the past, current and future work of ESA and China Earth Observation Satellites and their data acquisition.
  • Demonstrate the application of Copernicus Sentinels, ESA, Third Party Mission and China’s Earth Observation Data in land monitoring.
  • Introduce software tools and methods for ESA and China satellite data processing.
International Training Course in Land Remote Sensing

This training course is sponsored by Chongqing University and is taught by Chief Scientist of Earth Observation of China and Europe in the Dragon Project.

There will be 2 separate programmes related to advanced land remote sensing and geo-physical parameters retrievals. Both will be organized around four main components: 1 Copernicus Sentinels, ESA, ESA Third Party and Chinese EO missions 2 Advanced theoretical fundamentals of remote sensing 3 Applications theory and lectures 4 Data processing using ESAs SNAP & POLSARPRO and other toolboxes.

    • Optical remote sensing
    • Thermal remote sensing
    • SAR
    • Interferometric SAR (DInSAR & PSInSAR)

Who should attend?

Young scientific researchers, doctoral students and postdoctoral students engaged in the application of land remote sensing are welcome to register for a five-day training course, which is of a public interest and does not charge registration fees or training fees.


30 September.
Limited Capacity. Please apply as soon as possible.

Training Date Arrangement:

Registration date: 30 April to 30 September 2019.
Notice of Final Admission List: 15 October to 26 October 2019.
Registration date: 16 November to 17 November 2019.
Training date: 18 November to 23 November 2019.

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For more details about above international training in land remote sensing, visit the website Dragon4

Download the registration form.

Website: www.Dragon4.cqu.edu.cn

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